Camila talking to a fan - 9/13/14

Anonymous said:
i understand why ppl are mad, but lbr, dinah has always been kind of the outcast out of the 5 ever since TXF started. just in general, like looks wise and in comparison to the other girls (as sad as that is :/) out of the other 4 girls, camila has been the only one to ALWAYS be close to her, hence the tons of caminah moments, and then normani. you NEVER see ANY laurnah/alnah moments at all and i think that says alot. she's just closer to cam. i don't see much wrong with it, but i get y ppl r mad

first of all no one is getting mad at her friendship with camila, honestly it’s one of my favorite ships ever. what people were mad about it’s the fact that dinah deleted the other girls messages but camila’s, and i’m sorry but when you spend almost 24/7 with five girls that you claim are your friends you do not dismiss them like that, it was deleting all the messages or none, doesn’t matter she’s bffs with camila because everyone knows that, it’s the fact that the other girls may feel bad (no matter how aware they are of her favoritism towards camila) bc i believe they appreciate dinah, also the fandom picked on it, and now they think dinah only gets along with camila which i’m sure it’s false. also not true that camila was the closest to dinah bc normani was the closest to dinah from the beginning, dinah and camila only started to become close when the shared apartment while recording the ep.


Ally being ‘bullied’ by her four children. 

Anonymous said:
Yeah its kind of not okay that she did that to her girls tbh like those were really sweet personal things she did for them and to only keep camilas says a lot

yeah it’s sucks, idk because i really don’t know how they are with each other behind scenes but even the girls (ally, lauren and normani) could notice that and i don’t know if they would even care but idk i can’t help but think that they could feel bad or sad that dinah just deleted their bday messages and only kept camila’s. and like i said the fandom pick on those things, there were people saying that maybe she only gets along with camila and i’m sure that’s not true because she since close with all of them.

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